Doh Hlay is a digital platform and movement that inspires a conversation about rights and justice in Myanmar through critical thinking and creative forms of expression.


A better future requires people to reflect on what happened in the past to understand the present.

A better future requires people to understand that there are different points of views that need to be heard.

A better future involves listening to the many perspectives on what right and wrong means at a time like this.

Without a safe space to voice these issues, we will not be able to put in place strategic interventions and continue organizing to ensure that the future in Myanmar moves towards democracy and recognition of the human rights.
Doh Hlay uses creativity and art to start talking about this ideal better future. The artworks presented here amplify the many voices and identities in Myanmar.

We are not a political platform, which means we don’t have any particular political affiliation. We are only interested in promoting expression and creativity.

This is our shared journey.

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