Comics show how people navigate difficult realities. They make the stories more human. That is why we can relate to them.

Each day young people are saturated with images of disaster. Scorched landscapes, images of human rights violations, executions. And with every image, they build an immunity to tragedy.

Doh Hlay has partnered with an artist to develop comic series, where the images are a different kind of graphic: fun, light-hearted and beautiful. The comic series depict the daily lives of young people, explaining what human rights are and giving Myanmar youth a language to talk about these issues.

We hope that these comic series will help people better understand human rights issues by relating to the characters. The characters portrayed are not statistics; they are your daughter, your mother, your father, your friend. They are human.

Yan Nai


Women are the creators of life but when they become married or gave birth, their rights and their life are ignored. Or even when they're still single. Although selflessness and nurturing nature are that of women, this comic remind the fact that Women's rights are human rights as well. After the comics try to think about "What would you do in her place?"

Yan Nai

Yan Nai

How many days and how many nights have we been sleepless and away from family. Countless. Among these people, without feeling safe, will Yan Nai and his brother find a safe place for them to rest ? Read the comics now.In this comics, it portrays that everyone has a right to life, liberty and security of person.

Htet Paing


Have you ever felt lost and stuck in the loop? Htet Paing feels like he's still in prison- a mind prison. How will he break free? This comic will give you strength to break free from the loop and remind you that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.



Have you ever felt afraid to tell people who you love?Yamone is a lesbian who is in love with her roommate. Their parents don't know it yet. What will they do?This comic will remind you that you have the right to freely love as a LGBTQIA+.  It is one of your rights. And your rights matter.

Phyu Hnin Wai


Have you ever felt so uncertain about the future that you feel hopeless? Phyu Hin Wai got pregnant but her boyfriend doesn't want to keep it. Who will she rely on and what will she do?This comic showcases that everyone has the right to live without violence and  discrimination.