Art is to be shared and experienced by others. Through art, we can learn about our differences and similarities.
In Myanmar, art has been at the forefront of political transition: Creative expression has made it possible to describe the political, social, and emotional landscape of our citizens.

Myanmar’s transformation from military rule to a limited form of constitutional democracy between 2008-2020 was marred by the complex, fragile politics of transition and cultural ambivalence about pursuing past wrongs.
Since February 2021, the Myanmar population has been confronted with a difficult choice: give in to the military past, or create a different national identity that acknowledges the  inequalities and injustices that have taken place and start a governing system that recognises Myanmar’s true ethnic and religious diversity.
Our art exhibitions reflect on key topics related to human rights and transitional justice. Artists provide answers to the questions: What is the role of art to achieve a more just future in Myanmar? What do we need to change to defend our rights?

Currently showing

Hidden Diaries

previously shown

A Monument to Justice in Kachin State

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2021 Art Diary
Surreal Burma
What we remember, when we remember

previously shown

Never Give Up (Special Exhibition)

For a better future
Till We Die
Memorable moment
Why am I here?
Burma Hsaing Waing
Struggling for Freedom
Disobedient Padauk
Like a Phoenix
We will Rise Up
Resilience 2
Resilience 1
Although the time files
Shadow of Darkness
WAke WAke
A warrior who never gives up even in his death
Never Surrender

previously shown

Our Voices, Our Truths

What we need
False Promises
After Earth
Prayer for Myanmar
The best is yet to come

previously shown

Holding Hope

Immortal Dreams
Stuck in the Train
A New Chapter
No Metta For Adhamma


If unity/ then justice?

previously shown

Displaced youth talking about rights

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