Our Voices, Our Truths

False Promises

The Artist is now back to the liberated areas where he went 10 years ago. He took photos and recorded the mentality, needs and hopes of the people from IDPS Camp back in 2012 after learning about those from them. Now, when he got back to the freedom zone again, he get to meet with the people he met in the IDPS Camp. And he got to share and learn about the hopes from them again.

The artist hopes to create a public photo projection about comparing the hopes that they had and the hopes that exist now by doing a projection of the photos he took back in 2012 and show it to these people in IDPS Camp and conflicted areas.

*Click or tap on each image for more information.
*Click or tap on each image for more information.

Sweet Child - Series 1

Old Lady - Series 1

False promises - Series 2 - 5

False promises - Series 2 - 4

False promises - Series 2 - 3

The Girl - Series 1

False promises - Series 2 - 2

Three Ladies - Series 1

False promises - Series 2 - 1

Child Drawing - Series 1

People are staying together and making community who have same basic value of humanity and moral to form a stable and secure society. Each and every one is contributing for this community with their skills and capacities for the sustainability of it. People respects to each other, understand the diversity without judgement or discrimination and always think of inclusiveness. Such community can only be the good united community or the united community with diversity. I believe the art is the best platform or medium that can bridge among people for sharing and expressing of thoughts, feelings and opinions without words or languages. The opinions and voices of every participants is important and only the collective voices can represent and reflect the community. I want to search the collective answer of “What is union?” for our community through this experimental process. This exhibition is not only to watch my art creations but also a process or collective works that audience can participate. You can reflect how you grow up, what happening to you now and what you hope for your future. Then express it by participating in this exhibition. Please check the steps by steps instruction and feel free to participate!

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