Doh Hlay Podcast will have candid conversations with Myanmar artists, activists, and experts on various issues concerning Myanmar.

Talk with a Myanmar Journalist

In this podcast, we get to meet Ms Shoon Naing, a Pulitzer awardee woman journalist from Myanmar who created “Myanmar Burning,” an investigative article series based on Human Rights violations on Rohingyas in 2018. She has shared her thoughts about journalism and also encouraged young journalists.

Utilizing Podcasts for unheard voices in Myanmar

This time, we invited Ma Nandar from G-taw zagar wyne to hear her experiences doing podcasts and also listen to the stories of some women in Myanmar.
This is a must listen for not only the women, but also the people who want to start their own podcasts.

What We Remember, When We Remember

In this podcast, the host and the audience get to know the artist who created "What we remember, When we remember" and her upbringing. Together, we look back on the lies and the propaganda we were fed by the government since we were younger. “What we remember, when we remember” is a converging conversation between the past and the present. Why do we have to live in fear? When will the fear end?

What we need

In this podcast, we had a conversation with the artist who created and showed "What we need" artwork on our 3rd exhibition. You can listen and learn about her thoughts on Myanmar flag which is the most essential component of this artwork.


In this podcast, the host had a talk with the Artist who created Neverland which is one of the artwork from Doh Hlay 2nd exhibition, “Holding Hope” and learn a different perspective about your rights.

Myanmar Digital Rights Journey

Doh Hlay is bringing you the podcast by Digital activist talking about the digital rights, security and current Myanmar digital landscapes and the changes which you can learn in details. There's a lot to learn from this and it's the time for the listeners to check themselves if their digital usage pattern is secured or not. So let's take a listen the audio.

What is Doh Hlay Podcast?

Mingalarpar! Welcome to Doh Hlay podcast. I’m your host, Maw Kun Thit. In this podcast, we will have candid conversations with Myanmar artists, activists, and experts on various issues concerning Myanmar. Just as our name is “Doh Hlay”, we invite you to join us on this journey and have meaningful discussions.

Exploring Identity and Rights Through Art

Artists As Emotional Witness: Conflict is not just about facts and numbers of people killed and houses burned.It is also about how people experience fear, grief, and pain... The victims are left with so many wounds. I feel the artist's role is to use songs, short stories, cartoons, and paintings to portray such emotional and spiritual events and carry them on.