Where Are You From? Now? Going?

People who share the same basic values of humanity and morals, are coming together as a community to form a stable and secure society. Each and every one of them are contributing to this community with their skills and capacities to sustain it. People respect each other, understand diversity without judgement or discrimination, and always think of inclusiveness. Such a community can only be a good and united with diversity.

I believe that art is the best platform or medium that can bridge people's sharing and expression of thoughts, feelings and opinions without words or language. The opinions and voices of all participants are important, and only in the collection of voices can we represent and reflect our community. I want to search for our collective answer to the question "What is union" through this experiment. This exhibition is not only to see the art I have created but to be a part of a process of collective work in which you, the audience, can participate.

You can reflect on how you grew up, what is happening to you now and what you hope for in the future. Express yourself through this exhibit. Follow the instructions and please participate.